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Team mate Blaze bear.  Teddy bear mascot in red cycling jersey  wearing 20 years long service medal.

The Fire Fighters Charity

2018 is the 75th year of the charity and I'm took part in their fundraiser now that my cancer is removed.  It cost me two lobes of my right lung.  My story is in a Kindle eBook on Amazon "On yer bike, Walker! #My75Miles for £7.99.  All proceeds to the FF charity.  The book is  also referred to as Dammers Rides Again Book 1 by Author Damian Walker.  Read Book 2 in 2019?

#My75Miles Campaign

I started cycling on New Year's Day and gradually I've been getting fitter.  I joined the 75 miles campaign on 12th February.  My first ride and first puncture happened on St Valentine's Day. The first 75 miles was hard but now at over 1,315 miles I am fine.  I got the £999 target in August now at £1,700.

Blog at:

Here is my cycling and fundraising blog page and my "Give Now" donors and sponsors page with photos and lots of other cycling camapign stuff.

Cycling 999 miles for £999

Completed at the Bike Bus in August.  I need your help to reach my new target.  I'm cycling as #teamblazebear @dammersRidesaga it's just me & the Bear cycling to raise £1 per mile.

Charity Cycling Campaign runs to 31st December

Blaze Bear and me are doing our bit for The Fire Fighters Charity and we just need a few more supporters with a few pounds each to get us to our new target.

As a retired firefighter I have experienced their brilliant help

The Jubilee House rehabilitation centre in Penrith is a world-class facility.  Please help me support them and the services they provide to injured firefighters and families like mine.

Why not take to the air again with me from Cranfield?

Sky's the game...

Walker's the name...

Ground based training

Fairly tame, but still FUN !

The Sky's the limit...

I'm seeking rusty or lapsed PPLs

for coaching back to flying status...

Headset, Camera, Sunglasses

Here we come!

We deserve to fly...

Flying is fun...

Re-create the excitement of first solo

again and again and again...

Let's fly.... Your choice where and when...


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I care about my customers, please feel free to visit Cranfield Airport and Cranfield Flying Schools during normal business hours and enjoy the trip.

SkyWalker Associates

Cranfield, Bedford

07850 777168


By appointment, to suit the task

Pilots Wanted

Trainees, Lapsed or Rusty PPLs! All are welcome

Brush up your skills & knowledge on the Ground in Cranfield  

PPL (A) Simulation at a fraction of real flying fees

Learning in a quiet environment without 3D movement, allows for greater concentration and rapid skills acquisition and best of all - There is a PAUSE button!

Choose your aircraft, weather and where you want to fly...

Piper PA28, Cessna 152, or 172 models are most commonly used for basic and refresher training.  The Grumman AA5  has the same or similar instrument layout as any other popular SEP (single engine piston) aircraft that is available to hire from Cranfield, so do it now...

Use a flight simulation exercise to consolidate your learning.

What are you waiting for?  Groundschool theory is made much easier when you can see and learn in a way that suits your personal learning style.  Engine failure practice made easy and safer too!

Instrument Appreciation done on the ground saves ££££s

A single session may answer those questions of whats happening with the VOR, DME, ADF etc ormaybe using the GPS for where are we now and how far is the nearest airfield?

See the world in slow motion and 'PAUSE' the flight at any time...

Discuss flight details with your coach while the aircraft 'hovers' and replay as required...